Welcome to Sandee’s Country Kitchen!

I grew up in a time of pre-packaged is best.  New products were coming out everyday to help simplify everyone’s lives.

My mom loved trying these products and soon they became a way of life.

Around 2001 I noticed that after eating certain foods, I would become ill.

After a lot of trial and error, many trips to the ER, I was diagnosed with a severe allergy to sulphites.  (Sulfites in the U.S.)

That’s when label reading started.  Not only did I find sulphites in many foods, but couldn’t believe the other additives in foods that I couldn’t pronounce.

I started making all our food from scratch and was amazed how much better we were feeling.

Now I have the opportunity to share these great foods with you.  We will be continually adding new items to the menu.

Here is to living a preservative free life!

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