Whole Pies & Tarts

My mother was known for her homemade light and flaky pie crust.  We proudly make our pies using her recipe.
Lemon Pie      $15
Nothing better than fresh lemon pie. Made with fresh lemon juice and zest , these are very tasty.
Raisin      $15
Available as tarts and pies, they are filled to the brim with plump raisins.
Butterscotch      $15
Available as tarts and pies, our scratch made butterscotch comes from an old family recipe and is rich and delicious.
Pumpkin     $15
Not just for Thanksgiving or Christmas, yummy Pumpkin pies and tarts are for everyday!
Apple Pie      $15
Fresh crisp apples piled high with just the right amount of cinnamon.
Raspberry Apple Pie      $15
We use only fresh or frozen raspberries, depending on the season, plus delicious apples. Not too sweet, and not too tart.
Pecan Pie      $18
Only one word needed. Exquisite!
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie      $18
In season only. Sweet and tart this pie has great taste and is perfectly balanced.
Peach Pie      $18
Fresh juicy peaches nestled in flaky pastry. Available seasonally.
Butter Tarts      Minimun order 12: $16
My recipe is approx 75 years old and delicious. Specify if you would like raisin butter tarts, walnut butter tarts or a combination of raisins and walnuts.
Berry Tarts      Minimum order 12: $24
Fresh berries, silky pastry cream and a shortbread crust. Unbelievably good.