Chicken & Ribs

15 person minimum order

Packages come with the appropriate disposable plates and or bowls, utensils, napkins, straws for drinks, serving utensils, and chafing racks.

A variety of coca-cola, gingerale, diet coca-cola, water, and dessert consisting of brownies, chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies included in price.

Chicken & Ribs                                             
$20 per person                   
Your choice of boneless chicken thigh or wings
(3 pp) in our own honey garlic sauce
plus our fall off the bone back ribs (2 pp) smothered in our own BBQ sauce. 
Served with roasted potatoes and House Salad*

Welcome to Sandee’s Country Kitchen!

I grew up in a time of pre-packaged is best.  New products were coming out everyday to help simplify everyone’s lives.

My mom loved trying these products and soon they became a way of life.

Around 2001 I noticed that after eating certain foods, I would become ill.

After a lot of trial and error, many trips to the ER, I was diagnosed with a severe allergy to sulphites.  (Sulfites in the U.S.)

That’s when label reading started.  Not only did I find sulphites in many foods, but couldn’t believe the other additives in foods that I couldn’t pronounce.

I started making all our food from scratch and was amazed how much better we were feeling.

Now I have the opportunity to share these great foods with you.  We will be continually adding new items to the menu.

Here is to living a preservative free life!