My 82 year old father eats Sandee’s frozen meals a couple of times a week.  He loves them., and I don’t have to worry about  what he is eating.  L.B.
We attended a wedding you catered and the food was wonderful.  I could cut the roast beef with a fork, it was so tender.  How did you do that?  Everything tasted great and the rolls . . .  they were unbelievably good.  N.D.
Thanks again Sandee. Everyone enjoyed the dinner last night, it was delicious….and we will be will be eating leftover cake today. I will definitely recommend you to friends for their dinner parties.  S.B.
Sandee your meal was friggin AMAZING!!! We will be ordering from you before any restaurant again Thank you for making my day after Birthday amazing..More people need to eat your meals.. they would see you are way better then the restaurant     T.S.
Sandee’s meals are awesome! I highly recommend you try one of her Wednesday offerings. My mom eats Sandee’s senior portion frozen meals 3 times a week. She LOVES them!  S.D.
Your pot pie was a hit! And you were right about the serving sizes. We were all quite stuffed with one serving left. Thank you so much. We will definitely spread the word.  My father is a (diet controlled) diabetic and on a low salt, low fat diet.  And now has lost his flavour for a lot of food.  But he wanted pot pie and you nailed it! M.C.
The chicken pot pie was absolutely fabulous !!! … The buns were yummy, it’s nice to have someone else make a salad for you and actually. Well done Sandee, my compliments to the chef !!  S.F.
My mom loved the sticky buns.  S.R-P
Sandee, your apple and pumpkin pies were so good!!  D.B.
Hi Sandee, your sticky buns were delish, the whole fam loved them..Thanks again, I will be ordering some more stuff soon. C.B-B
Oh my word! You have to try some of this amazing baking! We had some of the sticky buns this morning, hot out of her oven!! Go see, you wont be disappointed!!  – J.B.
This past weekend, I’ve tried Sandee’s lemon pie, strawberry jam, and brown bread,  have to give my 2 thumbs up keep up the good work Sandee ! – S.F.